The risks faced by members of the Armed Forces are incredibly high. While we read a lot about those who have paid the ultimate price, we see very little about those who are injured beyond our comprehension. Every day we take something simple like the number of steps we complete for granted. Us doing 10 thousand steps a day is a fairly achievable fitness goal, but for many, even taking a single step is a massively daunting task. Blesma is dedicated to assisting serving and ex-Service men and women who have suffered life changing limb loss, or the loss of use of a limb, an eye, or loss of sight. They do not receive any government funding, so rely solely on public support to enable them to help injured veterans for as long as they need it.


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(1/3) Susi Rogers-Hartley is a very experienced horsewoman who was injured in 1998 while serving in the Royal Navy. She has adapted to her severe injuries and has gone on to become one of the UK’s top disabled riders. “I’m from Norfolk and have always ridden horses. When I grew older, I became a professional rider and competed in eventing and racing, polo matches and show jumping. They were the best years of my life, but the work didn’t pay so well and I needed a change of scenery. I joined the Navy when I was 30. I really enjoyed it until I got broken, two years in. I was crushed and then didn’t get the right spinal treatment.” Follow Susi’s journey back to horse-riding in the next few posts… . . . . . #blesma #horseriding #specialolympics #RoyalNavy

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In order to help Blesma help those who desperately need it, I’m going to complete 20 million steps in 2020. That’s an average of almost 55,000 steps every single day! I’m hoping to raise £2020 in 2020, this will help pay for an essential home adaptation such as a stair lift that will help an amputee to live independently in their own home, two high quality lightweight wheelchair meaning that they can get out and about to see friends and family, and pay for Blesma support officers to represent members at NHS policy meetings.

Having completed a tour of Iraq and 3 tours of Afghanistan, I often feel like there are only so many times that I can tempt fate, and it is possible that I may need Blesma in the future so I would like to help them while I can. Please give generously and the more you donate, the more committed I’ll have to be to completing the 20 million steps, so either love me or hate me, you win by donating!

Everyone who sponsors me will be entered into a prize draw to win 2 Standard Premier return Eurostar tickets between St Pancras International, Ashford International, or Ebbsfleet International and Paris, Brussels, Lille, or Disneyland Resort Paris*. Every £1 sponsored will equal 1 entry into the draw, which will take place on 31 Dec 2020 on completion of the charity event. These tickets have been kindly donated and will not be deducted from the sponsorship total.

If you would like to follow my progress, please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I’ll upload regular videos showing what I’ve been up to; if you would like to sponsor me, please go to my Virgin Money Giving site.  Any amount donated would be greatly appreciated.

*Brexit pending! 😂

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